This commercial begins with a weird guy (Ryan Kasprzak) wearing several sweatbands and a backpack buying a drink on a hot day. He has several choices, but picks out a Sun Drop citrus soda. He then starts dancing while walking around the street and at the beach. He is a horrible dancer, but everyone (including him) is having fun with his dance.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's gonna get hot today. Grab an ice cold Sun Drop and show us how you drop it. 
Delicious and citrus-y. 
Taste the exhilarating citrus flavor 
Dance, too much booty in the pants (Dance 2 much booty in da pants) 
Drop it, drop it low 
Dance, dance, dance, dance 
Work it, work it, ain't no stoppin' 
Keep on, keep on, keep on rockin' 
Boom shakka lakka boom shakka lakka boom!

Written Text

Epic Citrus, Sun Drop, Citrus Chill 
SunDrop Citrus Cola 
Bold Citrus 
Exhilarating citrus flavor 
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