This commercial begins with a young boy in the 1970s. He is in a bike store looking at a new bike, and he asks the salesman, "Is it fast?" The salesman give a non-committal answer and tells him it has 10 speeds (i.e., a 10-speed bike). 
Fast forward a few years, and the boy - who is now a teen - is looking to upgrade. He's talking to a guy about buying his used moped. Again he asks, "Is it fast?" Again, he gets a vague response when the guy says, "It's got a lightning bolt." 
Jump a few more years in the future, and the guy is looking for a car. He sees a bright red Chevy Camero (possibly an Iroc Z) and again asks, "Is it fast?" This time he gets an obvious lie from the saleman who tells him that he doesn't even know if it's street legal. 
Flash forward one more time where the guy is looking at a VW Jetta. This time he's carrying a baby, so instead of asking, "Is it fast?", he asks, "Is it safe?". A much more trustworthy looking and sounding salesman says, "Oh yeah. It's a Volkswagen."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Boy (Young): Is it fast? 
Bike Shop Guy: It's got 10 speeds my friend. 
Boy (Teen): Is it fast? 
Scooter Guy: It's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? 
Boy (Now a Young Man) It is fast? 
Car Salesman: I don't even know if it's street legal. 
Boy (Now a Parent) It is safe? 
VW Salesman: Oh yeah. It's a Volkswagen. 
The security of a Jetta. One of nine Volkswagen models named the 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick. 
Got you in a stranglehold baby

Written Text

Volkswagen Jetta 
2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick 
That's the Power of German Engineering 
Das Auto 

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