"The Bark Side" 
This Super Bowl teaser commercial features the "Volkswagen canine choir" - 11 dogs barking the Imperial March song (Darth Vader's Theme) from the Star Wars movie series. The dogs are dressed up as characters from the series including Princess Leia, C-3P0, an Ewok, Darth Vader, Chewbacca (he even growls like Chewy), Yoda, and a Storm Trooper. Toward the end, another dog walks by dressed up as an AT-AT Walker. 
Back Row (Left to Right) 
* C-3PO - Color and Round Chest/Abdomen plate 
* Obi-Wan Kenobi - ??? 
* StormTrooper - White color with black around nose and eyes 
Middle Row 
* R2-D2 - Short, stubby, and round 
* Han Solo - The black on white coat looks like Han's vest with white shirt 
* Chewbacca - Furry with Chewie's utility strap 
* Darth Vader - Color with Vader chest plate 
Front Row 
* Princess Leia - hair buns and color 
* Luke Skywalker - Lightsaber strapped to hip 
* Yoda - small size and pointy sideways ears 
* Ewok (Wicket W. Warrick) - fur and hood/costume 
* AT-AT Walker - tall, skinny, and the costume - this idea was taken from Bones Mello, a dog who has his own Facebook page and dressed up as an AT AT Walker for Halloween. 
Luke Dogwalker - Luke Skywalker 
Chew-bark-a - Chewbacca 
Dog Vader - Darth Vader 
The Bark Side of the Force - The Dark Side of the Force 
Volkswagen Jedi - Volkswagen Jetta 
Jabba the Mutt - Jabba the Hutt 
The Bone Wars - The Clone Wars

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Bark, Woof, Ruff, Bow Wow, Arf, Yip

Written Text

Back. And Better than ever. 

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