Guy yelling, "Can you count suckas?" - The Warriors 
Indiana Jones running from natives - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 
Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy, The Lion skipping - The Wizard of Oz 
Computer animated penguins dancing - Happy Feet 
Serena Williams doing split while playing tennis 
Many walking funny with high steps - Monty Python's Flying Circus (The Ministry of Silly Walks) 
Conductor in white wig - Amadeus 
Man in parachute pants and yellow shirt - MC Hammer music video for "U Can't Touch This" 
Black and white cartoon - Popeye the Sailor 
Flipping slam dunk basketball 
Sylvester Stalone trying to catch a chicken - Rocky II 
Man doing "The Worm" 
Guys on Treadmills - OK Go music video for "Here it Goes Again" 
Girl Jumping rope 
Guy jumping over a speeding car 
Guy hitting tennis ball between his legs while backwards 
Boy stacking plastic cups 
Michael Cera with a flaming sword - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 
Overhead view of a guy jumping down a flight of stairs on his skateboard 
Bruce Lee with Nunchucks / Nunchaku - Enter the Dragon 
Jeff Bridges sleeping in a chair with sunglasses on - The Big Lebowski 
Spike Lee (aka Mars Blackmon) shaking his head no while looking through basketball hoop/net - old Nike commercial 
Spock teleporting in the transporter - Star Trek (The Original Series) 
Steve Carell getting his chest waxed - The 40 Year Old Virgin 
Kevin James dressed up as a mall security guard and riding a Segway - Paul Blart: Mall Cop 
Bugs Bunny getting knocked out in a boxing ring - Rabbit Punch by Merrie Melodies 
Man in wheel chair (Aaron Fotheringham) doing a backflip on a half pipe / skateboard ramp 
Man in sunglasses and tie running toward camera - Beastie Boys music video for "Sabatage" 
Dwarf / little person dancing in a red suit - Twin Peaks (The Man from Another Place) 
Ricky Gervais dancing - The Office (UK) 
Gladiators / Centurians fighting - 300 
Guy doing martial arts kicks on a post at the beach - The Karate Kid (original) 
Female tennis player in pink 
Conductor in white wig again - Amadeus 
Forest Whitaker doing martial arts - Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai 
Woman "running" up bamboo pole - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 
Man in women dressed in black dancing at an funhouse - Grease 
Soccer player jumping to kick a ball - ??? 
Power lifter / weight lifter 
Two girls dancing on a ledge - The Breakfast Club 
Christopher Walken dancing on an escalator - Fatboy Slim music video for "Weapon of Choice" 
Edward Norton punching himself in the face - Fight Club 
Man yelling/celebrating? in his house - ??? 
Chefs hockey players with glasses - Slap Shot 
Man sprinting 
Heavy metal band singing - Iron Maiden music video for "The Number of the Beast" 
Ellen Page as a roller derby girl - Whip It 
Animated guy and dog - Scooby Doo 
Man with crazy hair cutting the hedges - Edward Scissorhands 
Guy jumping over people in lawn chairs - Ferris Bueller's Day Off 
Computer animated guy punching a shark - Despicable Me 
Man in white wig again - Amadeus

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Can you count suckas? 
Break it on down 
I see you baby 
Shaking that thing 
I see you baby 
Shakin' that thang 
Close your eyes 
Get busy with it 
I see you baby 
Shaking that ass

Written Text

Running Counts 
Jams Count 
Style Counts 
Splits Count 
Walking Counts 
Flying Counts 
Training Counts 
Cardio Counts 
Jumping Counts 
Stacking Counts 
Taking the Stairs Counts 
Doesn't Count 
Life is a sport 
Make it Count 

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Movies are referenced by this Television Commercial?

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What Television Commercials are referenced by this Television Commercial?

What Television Episodes are referenced by this Television Commercial?

It refers to...
Beyond Life and Death part of Twin Peaks Season 2

Twin Peaks:
Season: 2 / Episode: 22

Beyond Life and Death

This Television Episode is referred to by Nike+ FuelBand Commercial
The scene with the dwarf / little person (The Man from Another Place) dancing in the red suit is from this series finale of Twin Peaks.

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