This black and white commercial features Mars Blackmon (a character portrayed by Spike Lee) where he advertises Nike's Air Jordans from Michael Jordan. Several scenes show Blackmon looking down at the camera through a basketball hoop / net while he is wearing his thick-rimmed glasses and a hat with the brim flipped up that says "Brooklyn". The ad is about what you can and can't do. You CAN buy Air Jordans. You CAN'T dunk like Michael Jordan. Overall, it's a terrible commercial because it's telling you that you will never be good at basketball even if you spend a bunch of money on Nike's overpriced shoes.

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Yo! This is Mars Blackmon, and this is my main man Michael Jordon, and this is a pair of tight Michael Jordans from Nike. This is something you can buy. This is high flying, 360, slam dunk. This is something you cannot do. Let me repeat myself. This you can buy. You cannot do this. Can. Can't. No.

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Air Jordan Brooklyn Air Jordan from Nike

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Mars Blackmon (aka Spike Lee) is shown shaking his head no at the camera through a basketball net in this old 80's commercial.

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