This commercial for West Virginia University (WVU) begins with a female track runner, coming off the starting blocks as a stop watch ticks in the corner. A man is in the library, only his legs are shown as he chooses a book from a bottom shelf as names of famous authors are seen on the screen. A cyclist is pedaling down a bike trail with the sun shining through the trees. Next a business world is shown as ticker symbols for various companies, including WVU, are scrolling across the screen. A female swimmer is shown diving into an empty swimming pool. A medical scene is shown, with scrubs-clad professionals seen pushing a wheeled hospital bed down a hall. A ballet dancer's feet are seen dancing, executing a releve, as a map of the seating chart for the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre is shown on screen. A pair of feet, in a nuclear safety suit are shown. The commercial ends with a Moutaineer standing on top of a rocky mountain top, looking out at the world as the words on the screen read, If you want to see where the world is going... Follow WVU.

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(Lyrics) Get up, get out of your bed now. You're wasting your time. 'Cause it's a beautiful day now and the feeling is fine. 'Cause the sun is up now, we're ready to rise and shine. Yeah the sun is up now, we're ready to rise and shine.

Written Text

Drive + Passion = Innovation 
If You Want to SEE Where the World is GOING 
Knowledge + Need = Innovation 
Commitment + Vision = Innovation 
Risk + Reward = Innovation 
Market Viability 
Devotion + Determination = Innovation 
Method + Purpose = Innovation 
Love + Loss = Innovation 
Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre 
Revolution + Breakthrough = Innovation 
If you want to see where the world is going... 
Follow WVU 
West Virginia University

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