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A woman in a bathrobe is standing on her patio at night, calling for her cat, Meezer, to come inside the house. While she's calling for the cat, a raccoon comes across the backyard toward her. The woman, with obvious poor vision, thinks the raccoon is her cat and invites the animal inside the house to snuggle with her. At the end of the commercial, the woman is in bed, ready for sleep as she turns out the light. The raccoon is lying at the foot of the bed as the woman, still unaware that it is a raccoon and not her kitty, says goodnight to her pet.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Here kitty! Meezer! Here kitty! Oh! Come snuggles with mama! That's a good girl!

Missing something? Now at Sears Optical get two pairs of glasses for $99.99. Or take a year to pay with a Sears card. That's life well spent. Sears Optical. Don't miss a thing.

Goodnight mama's girl.

Written Text

Missing Something?
Sears Optical
2 Pairs $99.99
Take A Year to Pay with a Sears Card
Life. Well Spent.
Sears Optical
Don't Miss A Thing.

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