"Leap List - Marathon" This commercial shows a woman limping back to her Honda CR-V through an empty parking lot after finishing a marathon. She is wearing a medal around her neck, and has a "bib number" attached to her shirt and is extremely sore and tired. She enjoys sitting down once she gets in her car, but all her muscles hurt so much, it's hard to even put on her seat belt. She starts up the car, and sees she has a text message from her mom which is displayed on the center console screen. She presses the touch screen, and the car reads the message to her, "Congratulations, Amy! You did it. Love Mom.", and it makes her smile. The empty parking lot tells us that she didn't necessarily finish with a good time, but she did finish, and can check this accomplishment off her "leap list" (i.e., bucket list).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Congratulations, Amy! You did it. Love Mom. The Leap List. Get going on yours in the completely re-designed CR-V. All new, from Honda.

Written Text

2029 (bib number) Text Message Received Mom +13105550111 (1-130-555-0111), Read, Cancel, Stop, Reply, Call Run a Marathon (Check) leaplist.honda.com All-New CR-V Honda CR-V, Honda CRV

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