This commercial shows a man sitting in a red room with a guitar and a microphone. He is singing a song about Pizza Hut's "any pizza for $10" deal.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Here's a deal, an amazing pizza steal! 
Get any Pizza Hut pizza for ten dollars it's for real. 
So go ahead and ask yourself, "What have I got to lose?" 
For just $10, now you get to choose. 
Any pizza, any toppings, any crust, 
There's no stopping, you decide 
For ten dollars you can buy 
Any pizza, any toppings, any crust 
There's no stoppin', any size

Written Text

The Small Print 
Additional charge for Stuffed Crust Pizza and extra cheese. 
(So much for *ANY* pizza, *ANY* crust, or *ANY* topping. Pizza Hut: Please learn the definition of "any")

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