This commercial shows a young businessman getting of a train in a crowded train station. While everyone is walking by, he stops with a thoughtful look on his face. He smiles and takes off his button-down shirt to reveal a red T-shirt with "I'm One of a Kind" written on it. He walks past a panhandler with a keyboard who also takes off his shirt to show his T-shirt that reads, "I'm a Dreamer" on it. A middle-aged red-head takes off her coat, and we see, "I'm a Cougar" written on her tshirt. Soon a whole crowd of people wearing slogan shirts are walking out of the train station. An old man playing chess on the sidewalk gets up and his shirt says, "I'm a Beginner" on is. Soon there is a whole crowd of people in these red shirts in the park - men, womean, children, and a dog (I'm a Wingman). A man sprints past an artificial leg and a T-shirt that reads, "I'm a Fighter". Two twins are jumping roap and wearing the same shirt that says, "I'm a One and Only", and a basketball player dunks the ball in his "I'm a Highlight" shirt. A woman covered in tattoos wears, "I'm a Work of Art", and a beefy construction worker's shirt says, "I'm a Momma's Boy". In the middle of this huge crowd of red shirts, the slogan, "I'm a Rebel" is on the shirt of a woman wearing white, while a man crowd dives out of a second story window with, "I'm a Rockstar". At the end, the original guy (I'm One of a Kind) walks up to a woman and gives her a can of Dr. Pepper. She takes of her coat, and her shirt says, "I'm a Pepper".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Whether I'm right, or whether I'm wrong 
Gotta be me 
I want to live, not merely survive 
And I won't give up on this dream of life that keeps me alive 
Got to be me, I've gotta be me 
Oh yeah, I've gotta be me 
What else could I be, but who I am? 
Gotta be me

Written Text

I'm One of a Kind 
I'm a Dreamer 
I'm a Cougar 
I'm a Beginner 
I'm a Control Freak 
I'm a Vailable (I'm Available) 
I'm a Tomboy 
I'm a Vegan 
I'm a Wingman 
I'm a Fighter 
I'm a One and Only 
I'm a Highlight 
I'm a Chick Magnet 
I'm a Libra 
I'm a Work of Art 
I'm a Momma's Boy 
I'm a Rebel 
I'm a Rockstar 
I'm a Lefty 
I'm a Darling 
I'm a Pepper 
Dr Pepper - Always One of a Kind 

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