This commercial begins with an image of Google's home page with the background set to soccer / football legend David Beckham. The people types "David Beckham" into the search box, and then starts clicking through sites, images, and video clips related to this sports star. They click the +1 button next to one of the sites and visit Beckham's Google+ page. 
Some of the clips include a trip Beckham takes with UNICEF to play soccer with kids in Sierra Leon and a shot of him kicking a soccer ball into a barrel from an unbelievable distance. The browser then clicks "Hangout" from Google Plus and starts watching a soccer game online with his friends with real-time chat. Next we see several overhead shots of various soccer/football stadiums from Google Maps, followed by more video clips including Beckham playing "blind soccer",

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Are you special in the sports world 
Well I won the ... in soccer school 
I love him so much! 
Center, center center 
Without you, you, you 
Without you

Written Text

Google - Google Search, I'm Feeling Lucky 
Herbal Life 
David Beckham 
News for David Beckham 
David Beckham and his boys have a manly outing to the football 
Images for David Beckham 
David Beckham - Wikipedia 
David Beckham, eate of birth, 2 May 1975, is an English association football... 
All I ever wanted to do was play soccer 
Playing football is all I ever wanted to do 
Google Plus, Google+ 
David Beckham - Kick a football around for a living, married to Victoria and father to four amazing children 
David Beckham - Daytime - Thames Television - A very short clip from the Thames Television 'Daytime' show. In this Childrens special, we see 12 year old David Beckham, who at the time was attending... 
David - So proud to represent my country. David Beckham makes 100 caps for England - Telegraph - The LA Galaxy midfielder's inclusion in the team to play in Paris tomorrow night was confirmed by coash Fabio Capello at a press conference earlier today. 
The ones I love the most 
What an inspirational trip to Sierra Leone! UNICEF: David Beckham surprises young footballers 
Freetown, Sierra Leone 18 January 2008 - A group of Sierra Leonean football players receive the surprise of their lives recently when football star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham 
Over 5 Million views!!!! Unbelievable David Beckham - While on the beach in California shooting a commercial for Diet Pepsi, David Beckham shows why he's the world's most famous soccer player. 
Hang Out 
Tom: Gooooaaaaaaalllll!! (goal) 
Chris: Incredible! 
Beckham in gol 
Forza Milan, Beckham is a legend, 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 
Playing with the British Paralympic Team. Inspiring. David Beckham plays Blind Football with the British Paralympic team - A blindfolded Beckham is put through his paces by Dave Clarke, the ParalympicsGB captain at Beijing 2008, in a training session. Schools can sign up to join the Sainsbury's... 
Footballers, Icons, Heroes, Friends, Create a new circle 
Have David in Circles 
David Beckham's dream is fulfilled 
Hanging out at Google - googleplex

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