"Bing Originals - Bobby Brown" 
This commercial begins with freestyling, big air, slope skier, Bobby Brown. We see numerous clips of Brown skiing, doing jumps, doing tricks, and catching big air on the ski slopes. We see Brown using Bing on his mobile phone to look up "trampoline training", and then we actually see how he uses trampoline to test out and train for his jumps.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm Bobby Brown, and I go big. I want to be a sports icon. I want to be that person who starts the interest in the sport, and I feel like skiing hasn't reached that level yet. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

Written Text

Bobby Brown 
Breck <3's Bobby (Breck Loves Bobby, Breck Hearts Bobby) 
Trampoline training 
Woodward at Copper - 505 Copper Road, Copper Mountain, CO 
Red Bull 
Bing is for doing

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