This commercial shows a little boy riding a tricycle with a bright red flag on the back around the block in a suburban neighborhood. Several things try to "get" him, but he seems to be protected by an invisible shield. Two joggers jump out of the way just in time, a soccer ball kicked in his direction just barely misses him, an angry dog runs along behind him but stays just out of reach, a pair of movers walking across the sidewalk life a couch just in time for him to fit under, he rides around a set of pipes where construction is happening, and a set of timed sprinklers turn on right after he goes by so he doesn't get wet. The young boy arrives him at the same time his dad drives up in his Cadillac which is protected by Cadillac Shield. It appears they are both protected while "driving".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When you take away the worry, it's easy to enjoy the ride. 
Hey, Bud. 
Hey, Dad. 
Introducing Cadillac Shield. The most comprehensive set of owner benefits of any luxury auto-maker in the world. We don't just make luxury cars. We make Cadillacs.

Written Text

Cadillac Shield 
Emergency by OnStar 
Roadside Assistance 
Courtesy Transportation 
Navigation by OnStar 
Premium Care Maintenance 
Warranty Protection 
The New Standard of the World

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