This commercial for McDonald's Chicken McBites features a group of friends on a road trip together. It begins with a car driving through a tunnel. A man holds up a Chicken McBite in front of the mouth of a giant statue of a Godzilla-like creature. The friends are hiking through a snow-covered mountain top, holding a piece of chicken up to make it appear that it is the head of one of the friends who is dancing on top of a rock at the summit. The friends eat their McDonald's McBites in the car, on a beach. Another friend holds a piece of chicken up in front of a statue of a T-Rex. The friends run along a beach, rolling a tire in front of them. A yellow car with the head of a rooster on the hood of the car, and it's tail feathers at the back is shown, with one of the friends holding up a Chicken McBite in front of the Rooster's mouth. One friend holds out a hand, making it appear that three of the friends, who are running along the beach, are running on top of the friend's hand. Making it appear that the chicken McBites, while small, are really big in taste.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Time don't wait. The road is calling you my friend. This is big. New Chicken McBites from McDonald's. Juicy, popable, premium chicken breast with homestyle seasoning. But they're only here for a limited time. New Chicken McBites. The simple joy of really big fun.

Written Text

i'm lovin' it

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Nicole Vaughn

This Person is referred to by McDonald's Chicken McBites Commercial
The artist singing in the McDonald's Chicken McBites commercial is Nicole Vaughn.
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