"Scenes" - Real living doesn't happen in living rooms 
This commercial is a montage of scenes. It begins with a couple waking up to a beautiful sunrise in their car (a Chevy Sonic). We next see two adults in protective gear taking a Big Wheel (plastic tricycle) out of the back hatch of their Sonic, as well as scenes from the downhill race they participate in. Another group of friends is at a Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) festival where people are painted and dressed up as skeletons and wearing sombreros. Later on, a group of friends goes speeding down a country road and does spin-outs in a muddy field. They get out and play in the mud, and one of the girls has a heart drawn in mud on her cheek. At the end, a group is holding torches and checking out a cave near the ocean, and then go out to catch fireflys (lightning bugs).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The all-new Chevy Sonic - from your first time to the time of your life. Chevy runs deep. 
Tonight, we are young 
So let's set the world on fire 
We can burn brighter than the sun 
Carry me home tonight 
Na na, na na na na, na na

Written Text

40 MPG (EPA Est.) Highway 
Turbocharged Engine Available 
The All-New Chevy Sonic 
Chevy Runs Deep

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