This commercial for the 54th Grammy Awards shows unusual pairings of musical artists featured on the Grammy Award ceremonies in previous years. Prince and Beyonce performed Purple Rain together in 2004. Elton John and Eminem performed the song Stan in 2001. Jen Nettles and Bon Jovi performed Who Says You Can't Go Home in 2010. Justin Bieber and Usher performed the song Never Say Never together. The commercial shows clips of artists singing at the Grammy Awards, including Mick Jagger, Rhianna (singing What's My Name), Katy Perry (singing Teenage Dream), Lady Gaga (singing Born This Way)

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They are one of a kind performances only seen on the Grammys. Who will take the stage next? Find out live on the Grammys, CBS Sunday, February 12th.

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Beyonce & Prince 2004 
Elton John & Eminem 2001 
Jen Nettles & Bon Jovi 2010 
Justin Bieber & Usher 2011 
Mick Jagger 
Katy Perry 
Lady Gaga 
Who will take the stage next? 
The Grammy Awards 
Sunday February 12

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