The commercial begins out of focus. As the camera focuses, the face of a Westie is clearly seen. The Westie is on a bed, staring at a woman, wearing pink pajamas, as she wakes up in a very pink bedroom. As the woman continues to wake, she reaches out to pet her adorable little white dog

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now there's another delicious way to love them back with Cesar. Gourmet filets in sauce. Individually prepared entrees in tempting flavors, like Prime Rib. Cesar. Love them back.

Written Text

i promise 
to be there when you wake 
cesar. love them back. 
Canine Cuisine 
Gourmet Filets in Sauce 
Prime Rib flavor 
Porterhouse Steak Flavor in meaty sauce 
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