The commercial begins on the inside of a house, in a light blue colored room with a doggie door in the front door. A white head pushes through the doggie door opening, but the dog is not the typical Cesar Westie. It's a much larger breed, who cannot fit it's body through the small door opening. Next, outside, a black and white Great Dane is staring at a bicycle with a basket on the front. The Great Dane looks at the small basket, then looks at the camera. The bike is tipped over, and the Great Dane is sitting on top of the basket, that looks tiny compared to the size of the dog. Back inside the house, an Old English Sheepdog tries to fit itself into a blue purse that is resting on the floor. A white Great Pyrenees is shown, looking at the camera. When the camera pans out, we see that the giant dog is sitting on the lap of a dark-haired woman sitting in a chair, who peers her head around the massive body of her "lap dog". As the new Cesar Bistro food is introduced, the Cesar West Highland Terrier is shown, on a table in front of a woman in a blue shirt, who pets the dog on the head, bending down to give it a kiss as the Cesar dog food is shown, arranged nicely on a white dinner plate.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now every dog wants to be a Cesar dog. Introducing Cesar Bistro Entrees. Tempting new flavors like Steak Florentine. Perfect for the small dog you adore. Cesar. Love them back.

Written Text

New! Cesar Bistro Grilled Chicken Primavera in Sauce cesar. love them back.

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Cesar Commercial

Cesar Commercial

Cesar Commercial

Cesar Commercial

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