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A man in a shirt, tie and brown sweater comes out of a Wendy's restaurant, his arms loaded with bags of Wendy's food. The man walks down the street, carefully carrying the bags of food for his co-workers. A pot of Wendy's chili is stirred on a stove top, while baked potatoes, covered with broccoli and cheese, and bacon and cheese are shown. The man returns to the office, delivering a bag of food to each person sitting at his/her cubicle. The end of the commercial shows a yellow Wendy's flag, flapping in the wind.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They say they're going to Wendy's. You say, "Hey! Bring back chili and a baked potato.". And they do. And we love them. It's so thoughtful because Wendy's chili is simmered on a stove and made with care. And baked potatoes are pulled from the oven and covered with broccoli and cheese, or bacon and cheese. We can't have a parade for them, but next time, bring them back Wendy's chili and a baked potato, and say, "Hey! Thanks for doing what tastes right.".

Written Text

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers 
Do What Tastes Right.

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