This commercial for the 2012 Winter X-Games shows snowboarding half pipe, snowboarding jumps, freestyle tricks, and snowmobile tricks. The commercial features colorful animations around the eXtreme athletes as they show off their skills at the X-Games.

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(Lyrics) So it's time to leave you a preview. So you too can review what we do. 20 years in this business, how you sell soul, gee whiz. People bear witness. Thank you for letting us be ourselves. So don't mind me if I repeat myself. These simple lines be good for your health. To keep them crime rhymes on the shelf. Live, love life like you just don't care. 5000 leaders never scared. Bring the noise, it's the moment they fear. Get up, still a beautiful idea. 
The Winter X-Games Aspen. Starts January 26th on ESPN.

Written Text

Things Are About To Get Real 
Winter X Games Aspen 
Starts January 26 ESPN 
Presented by JEEP

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