This Big Game commercial begins on a greyhound (dog) racetrack. We see several dogs with names like "Silver Prince" walking to the starting gate, but from the rear comes a late-comer. It is a French Bulldog named "Mr. Quiggly" who is wearing red Skechers GOrun shoes. When the race begins, it appears that Mr. Quiggly gets off to a slow start, but by the end of the straightaway, he speeds past all the greyhounds. Right before he gets to the finish line - way ahead of everyone else - he skids to a stop and then moonwalks backwards across the line, and then smiles at the camera. At the end we see billionaire Mark Cuban holding up the winning Mr. Quiggly who is asking for a new contract.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

And there's the favorite, Silver Prince. 
And we have a late entry, a Mr. Quiggly. 
Is he wearing running shoes? 
It is legal, I believe. 
And they're off... 
Queen Terrorcane(?) out front, Silver Prince on his heels, but wait! Mister Quiggly is coming around the outside! Look at that little guy go! It's gonna be QUIGGLY! What? He's moonwalking across the finish line! 
The new mid-foot strike Skechers GOrun. Go like never before. 
What do you mean you want a new contract? 
Let's do it. 
Wild thing

Written Text

Silver Prince - Trainer, Charles Romain 
Mr. Quiggly - Trainer, Chadwick Williams 
...and running 
Rexford Downs 
Owner - Mark Cuban 
Mr. Quiggly, Mr. Quigley, Mister Quiggly, Mister Quigley 
Skecher, Skechers, Sketcher, Sketchers 
Greyhound, grayhound, grey hound, gray hound 
Super Bowl XLVI commercial, Super Bowl 46 commercial, Super Bowl 2012 commercial  
Superbowl XLVI commercial, SuperBowl 46 commercial, SuperBowl 2012 commercial  
Super Bowl XLVI ad, Super Bowl 46 ad, Super Bowl 2012 ad  
Superbowl XLVI ad, SuperBowl 46 ad, SuperBowl 2012 ad

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