"All For One" 
This commercial narrated by Jeff Bridges, begins with a man ad work in a cubicle. He's having trouble on a project and says out loud, "This is impossible. It's never gonna work." He looks up to see his boss standing over him. Instead of getting upset, the boss starts humming the theme to Rocky (Gonna Fly Now). Soon, someone in the next cubicle joins in. Soon everyone in the factory, the board room, the scientists and research staff, the dealerships, the car carrier drivers, even the parking attendants - everyone who works at Hyundai joins in to sing the song. After the inspirational song, the guy decides to give it another try, and everyone goes back to work happy.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is impossible. It's never gonna work. 
Let me give it another try. 
Good morning, Mary. 
There's always a way. That's just our way. 
Ba ba baba ba baba ba baba ba 
Da da dada da dada da dada da 
Waka wacka 
Gonna try, try

Written Text

New thinking. New Possibilities.

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