"Check-Out" This commercial shows the Coke Zero truck driver at the grocery store trying to pick out a drink. He knows he should get a Coca-Cola Zero, but he just can't resist the great flavor of Pepsi Max. He grabs a bottle of the Pepsi product and tries to casually take it to the checkout without anyone noticing, though right from the start, and old man gives him a stern look. He gets to the front of the line, and the checkout girl questions him, but she admits that she loves it too. He just wants her to quiet down, scan the bottle, and let him get out of there. Even though he doesn't want it, she calls out on the intercom to see if she can get him a "club card deal" on the drink. Once she finally scans the container, confetti falls from the ceiling and bells start going off because he just won Pepsi Max for Life. They lower several palettes of Pepsi from above, and present him with a giant check stating he gets "Free Pepsi MAX for Life. Zero Calories". Out of nowhere, Regis Philbin (who just retired from over 50 years on television) shows up saying, "I'm back, and you're my first guest" to the Coke delivery driver.

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PepsiMax? Really? I love PepsiMax. I drink it myself. Great. I bet you're wondering how they got all that Pepsi taste into a zero calorie cola. Melvin! Do we have a club card discount for Pepsi Max? I'm good. I'm good. Yep. Do you know what that means? You have won Pepsi Max for life! I'm back, and you're my first guest. It's Reg! You're gonna be famous kid. (Lyrics) Your cheating heart will make you weep You'll cry and cry

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