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"Priceline Negotiator's Last Deal" This Big Game commercial begins with a green bus teetering on the edge of a bridge and about to fall off. On the inside of the bus, we see numerous scared passengers from the uniformed driver, a nun, a parrot, and several other men, women, and children. One woman says that this vacation may not have been a good idea when William Shatner busts through the back door. He tells everyone to get off the bus, and that they due to the crash, they are still far from their destination and are going to need a hotel. On their way out, one of the women says that they don't have time to bid on a price (which is how used to work), but The Priceline Negotiator says that the site has hotels on sale every day without the need for bidding. After everyone is off the bus, Bill hands his smartphone to the woman who has been talking and tells everyone to save themselves... some money. Just then, the bus falls off the side of the bridge, exploding hundreds of feet below. The woman doesn't seem to care, and she is already booking a room on the phone. Everyone looks at her like she is insensitive, but she just looks back and says, "It's what he would have wanted." This commercial is called the "negotiator's last deal" because this is William Shatner's final commercial with It is fitting that they send him crashing to his doom...

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woman: Maybe this vacation wasn't a good idea. Shatner: Vacations are always a good idea. Jingle: Priceline Negotiator! Shatner: No time. Out - quickly! You're miles from your destination, you'll need a hotel tonight. Woman: We don't have time to bid. Shatner: You don't have to bid. At Priceline, you can choose from thousands of hotels on sale everyday. Save yourself... some money. It's what he would have wanted.

Written Text

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Priceline Commercial

Priceline Commercial

Priceline Commercial

Priceline Commercial

Priceline Commercial for Super Bowl 50 2016

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