This commercial begins with a man doing some yard work and landscaping at his house. Nearby, a dog is burying some red pet tags from a collar. The man sees this and recognizes the tags from a "Missing Cat" poster that has been hung in his neighborhood. Out of nowhere, the dog is eye to eye with the man with a serious look on his face. The dog slowly slides a bag of Doritos over to the man with a Post-It note attached to it that says, "You didnt see nuthin". The man smiles at his bribe and gives a knowing nod. Knowing that he got away with it once, the dog takes out the man's family cat too, and holds another bag of Doritos as "hush money".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Honey, have you seen our cat? Nope.

Written Text

Missing Cat "Fluffy" If you see my cat, please call: 555-7638 You didn't see nuthin Doritos Nacho Cheese You didn't see nothin'. You didn't see nuthing. You didn't see nothing. You didn't see anything. Super Bowl XLVI commercial, Super Bowl 46 commercial, Super Bowl 2012 commercial Superbowl XLVI commercial, SuperBowl 46 commercial, SuperBowl 2012 commercial Super Bowl XLVI ad, Super Bowl 46 ad, Super Bowl 2012 ad Superbowl XLVI ad, SuperBowl 46 ad, SuperBowl 2012 ad

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Doritos Commercial

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Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial

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