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"Hot Wild Girls" This commercial shows two roommates. One of them is sitting on a couch eating Doritos, and the other one is upset because the Doritos belong to him. The guy on the couch tells him to relax because his new magic phone can get anything. He tells the phone to send him more Doritos, and numerous bags of the corn chips of all flavors instantly appear around him. He then asks for a sombrero, and instantly the hat is sitting on his head. The other guy wants to try it, and he asks for "three hot wild girls", but the voice recognition on the phone interprets that as "three rottweilers". He tries to correct the mistake, but the big dogs show up just as instantly as the bags of Doritos and sombrero. The dogs start barking at them and chase them out of the apartment. At the end, we see the three girls actually did make it, and are petting the dogs and wondering how they got there. It is too late for the guys though.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dude. Did you really just eat all my Doritos? Relax Brochacho. The phone I got will get us anything we want. Send me more Doritos. Sending more Doritos. Whoa. Send me a sombrero. Sending a sombrero. Dude, dude, let me try it. Send me 3, hot, wild girls. Sending three rottweilers. No, no, no, no. Hot wild girls. Hotwildgirls! So why are we here again?

Written Text

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Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

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