"Baby Sling" 
This commercial shows a bratty little kid on a playground set while his grandmother babysits him and his baby brother who is in a jump-up sling. The grandmother is getting tired of this brat and gives him a dirty look. She picks up the baby and rolls back in her motorized wheelchair, stretching the springs on the baby sling. She lets him go right at the little monster, and the baby flies through the air and grabs the chips. Baby and grandma give a nice smile to the boy as they crunch on a chip.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Who has the Doritos? Who has the Doritos? Want one? Sorry!

Written Text

Super Bowl XLVI commercial, Super Bowl 46 commercial, Super Bowl 2012 commercial  
Superbowl XLVI commercial, SuperBowl 46 commercial, SuperBowl 2012 commercial  
Super Bowl XLVI ad, Super Bowl 46 ad, Super Bowl 2012 ad  
Superbowl XLVI ad, SuperBowl 46 ad, SuperBowl 2012 ad

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