"E*Trade Baby Best Man" 
This is an E*Trade baby commercial starting with a wedding. The groom is talking to the baby (who appears to be the best man) about how nervous he is about his new father-in-law. The father is on the groom's case about his investments and long term financial plans. The baby reassures him because E*Trade has a new investment dashboard where you can get all your financial information in one place. It makes the groom feel better, but then the father-in-law gives him the "I'm watching you" signal, and the baby gives it right back.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Groom: I'm freaking out man. 
Baby: Why? I thought Jill was your soulmate. 
Groom: It's her dad. 
Baby: The general's your soul mate? 
Groom: What? No, no. He's on my back about providing for his little girl. 
Baby: Don't worry. E*Trade's got a totally new investment dashboard. Everything's on one page. Investments, quotes, research... 
Groom: Wow. It's like the buffet last night. 
Baby: Whatever helps you understand, man. 
Father: I'm watching you. 
Baby: Oh yeah, well I'm watching you, watching him. 
Announcer: Try the new 360 investing dashboard at E*Trade.

Written Text

New * 360 Investing Dashboard 
Coming soon 
E*Trade - Works Beautifully 
E*Trade, E-Trade, ETrade, E Trade

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