"Dog Park" This commercial begins at a dog park with an obstacle course. Does are running across platforms, doing the "slalom" through sticks, jumping through hoops, and more. Two guys with a basset hound with a sweatband around its head are there, but have forgotten the dog treats to entice their dog to do the tricks. One of them suggests giving Doritos as treats instead, and all the people in the park stop and look at him. The humans start running the obstacle course and doing tricks so they can get the treats instead. A man with red hair and beard comes up with a Frisbee in his mouth, drops it at their feet and opens his mouth wide for them to feed him. After getting one, he begs for another, but the guy hits him with a newspaper and tells him to "shoo".

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Hope you bought the dog treats. I've got Doritos. You want a treat? I'll give you one of these Doritos. Shoo! Strays...

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