"The Dog Strikes Back" 
This Big Game commercial begins with a dog laying on a couch, a bright red car drives by, and the dog slowly gets up from the couch to go chase it. He gets to the doggie door, but can't fit through it because he is too fat. He gets sad and depressed looking at his big belly in the mirror, but decides to do something about it... exercise! 
He takes a red tennis ball and drops it down the stairs and chases after it, and then carries it back up and does it again, and again. Next we see him walking on the treadmill, and pulling weights stacked on a rug with his teeth. He watches a ball aerobics video and does the exercises along with it, followed by more weight training. Later we see him in the kitchen where his owner is making dinner and dropping food on the floor. He is keeping to a strict diet too, because he doesn't even touch the cut up hot dogs, or any of the food the baby drops. He runs laps in the yard outside all year (it goes from winter to summer), and even does laps in the pool. After shaking off the water, he looks in the mirror and gives himself an approving bark because he has lost so much weight. 
Next time the red Volkswagen Beetle drives by, he's not laying on the couch, and he immediately runs out the doggy door (which he fits through just fine now), jumps through the "V" in a tree and races the car down the block. 
This is the end of the "commercial", but then the camera zooms back and we see that it is an HDTV in the Star Wars Cantina Bar (aka, "Mos Eisley Cantina" or "Chalmun's Cantina") and the alien patrons are watching the commercial too. Some of the bar customers are arguing which was better - this year's dog commercial for the Beetle, or last year's "Vader Kid" commercial for the Passat. The alien guy with the big, crooked nose says the dog is much funnier than the child playing Vader when all of a sudden, he grabs his neck and can't breath. It turns out Darth Vader himself is in the bar and is upset that the guy doesn't think his commercial was as funny, and he's using the Force to choke him. Vader finally lets him go, and the guy apologizes.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Back, and better than ever. 
Oh, that was great! 
I miss that Vader kid. 
The dog's better. 
Are you kidding, the dog is funnier than the Vader kid. 

Written Text

That's the power of German engineering. 
Das Auto. 
Super Bowl XLVI commercial, Super Bowl 46 commercial, Super Bowl 2012 commercial  
Superbowl XLVI commercial, SuperBowl 46 commercial, SuperBowl 2012 commercial  
Super Bowl XLVI ad, Super Bowl 46 ad, Super Bowl 2012 ad  
Superbowl XLVI ad, SuperBowl 46 ad, SuperBowl 2012 ad, Big Game, Game Day

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It refers to...
Volkswagen Passat Commercial

Volkswagen Passat Commercial

Dates: - May 2011
This Television Commercial is referred to by Volkswagen Beetle Commercial
The previous year's Super Bowl commercial for the Passat with the "Vader Kid" is referenced this ad for the Beetle.

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