"It's Reinvented" This Big Game commercial talk about how, after re-inventing and perfecting the Toyota Camry, Toyota decided to reinvent several other things. They begin with the couch. We see a man come home from work to a bunch of pretty girls in purple bikinis seated or kneeling to form the shape of a couch. It also comes in male which is a bunch of muscular men in the same configuration. Next they reinvent the police officer. We see a man who is pulled over and getting frisked by a motorcycle cop. While doing this, he starts giving the man a massage. Next on the list is the baby. The reinvented version doesn't poop, and it has a control panel on the back that functions as a time machine. They send the baby back to 1780 where we see a man in a white wig shaving his face. The new Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has putting greens (mini golf), a petting zoo, pinball machines, video games, balloons, clowns, basketball hoops, and when you are done, they give you an ice cream cone. The new blender is shown playing a Lionel Richie songs when a woman starts making a fruit smoothie. The new and improved plant helps stop burglers. We see a vine attacking a man who is stealing from someone's house and even helps throw the man out of the window. Reinvented curtains are made out of pepperoni pizza, and we see an old man eating his drapes. A fat man loses weight immediately and begins laughing when it starts raining due to the reinvented rain (something that is probably very important if you have pizza curtains).

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After reinventing the Toyota Camry, we decided to keep reinventing. This is the reinvented couch. It also comes in male. This is the re-invented police officer. He is also a masseuse. This is the reinvented baby. It doesn't poop. It is also a time machine. The reinvented DMV. It's a little nicer. Next! The reinvented blender. It plays Lionel Richie. The reinvented plant. It fights crime. Reinvented curtains. They're made of pizza. This is reinvented rain. It makes you skinny. And this is the reinvented Toyota Camry - available with everything you could possibly want. You're welcome. (Lyrics) All night long All night

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