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This commercial shows a man in the showroom of a car dealership. He is talking to a car salesman when all of a sudden, a second, tiny head comes out of his back and starts singing a disco-themed song about wanting a car. The man has to explain that the little head is his "confidence", and that he got it by going to and learning about the car he wanted before coming to the dealsership. Moral of the story: Go to and a creepy head will grow out of your back and sing at inappropriate moments.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Salesman: Have you decided which vehicle you want to go with today? Confidence: Hey baby I want that car. Hey baby I really want that car. Man: Yeah, uh, that's my confidence. It's been coming out of me ever since I went on I compared gas mileage using their side-by-side comparison tool, and uh, this one will be great. Confidence: Ho! Yeah baby, let's get those keys and go. Salesman: I'll get the keys. (Lyrics) Hey baby, I want that car Hey baby, I really want that car Let's get that car. Ho! Yeah baby let's get those keys and go. Woo! Cars dot com

Written Text

Will St. Clair (salesman's name tag) - Confidence Comes Standard

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