This commercial begins with a man sitting at his boss's office. Unfortunately, his boss is a chimpanzee, and so are all the other employees at the company. The graying monkey boss tells the man he has to go on a business trip with some of the other employees. The man doesn't really want to because, well, they are chimpanzees and are completely unprofessional. In fact, while he is talking to his boss, they others are running around the office with lamp shades on their heads. They end up going, and while he is going through the security checkpoint at the airport, he finds out that the chimps have played a trick on him. After asking if he packed his own bag, the TSA officers pull out something that is blurred on TV (we are to assume it is a big black dildo, sex toy, or some other embarrassing item) and the chimps laugh at him. During a focus group, one of the chimps suggests poison ivy shampoo, while later at a bar, one of them orders 46 banana daiquiris. That night at the hotel, the man goes to brush his teeth, but his toothbrush stinks, and the monkey at the mirror next to him is checking out his recently brushed teeth. They all share a bed in the hotel, and the chimps take up most of the bed and drape their arms across him causing him not to get any sleep. (For the record, yes, we know chimpanzees are not monkeys...)

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You want me to go to Newark with those guys? (You want me to go to New York with those guys?) No, they're all business. You pack this bag yourself, sir? Yes I did. Okay, that is not mine. Don, poison ivy shampoo just does not sound like a winner to me. Wow, guys. Somebody ordered 46 banana daiquiris. Job causing you sleepless nights? - Start building.

Written Text

Kick Me Poison Ivy Shampoo Test Group Temporary Blindness Start Building Career Builder

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CareerBuilder Commercial

CareerBuilder Commercial