"Lots to Love in February" 
This commercial begins on a snow-covered playground with a little girl sitting on a see-saw / teeter-totter by herself. For some reason, she is stuck up in the air even though no one is on the other side. She is all dressed for winter in a pink coat and a winter hat with animal ears, but is upset that she is stuck. Next we see two older women running across a frozen lake in their bathing suits. They jump through a hole in the ice into the freezing water. After that is a young girl waiting for a bus in the snow and wind. After the bus drives by, it turns into a sunny, tropical beach where she gets off. 
Later in a bookstore, a tall man and short woman both walk up to the romance section. They both reach for the same book, and the red-headed girl in glasses is a bit shy. A little girl at home is decorating a window in her house with Valentine's Day stickers while wearing a pink dress and her mother's high heels. Finally, we see a little boy in school dressed up like Abraham Lincoln and doing a hip-hop style dance. 
Back in someone's house, a cat is looking into a goldfish bowl while a little boy plays in the bathtub with an underwater mask and snorkel. Someone else draws a heart in the frost on a window, and then we return to the little girl on the playground. All the snow suddenly melts and she lowers down on the see-saw.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The snow is snowing 
The wind is blowing 
But I can weather the storm 
What do I care it my storm 
I've got my love to keep me warm

Written Text

Lots of February to love at JCP 
JCPenney, JC Penney, JCPenny, JC Penny

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