Crystal Light Commercial

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This commercial features Raquel Welch in a bright blue jump suit. She is singing and dancing, and we find out she is shooting a commercial/video.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Terrific, let's break. Woo! Am I thirsty. Was that okay? It's Beauty. Have a Diet Pepsi? No thanks. Diet Coke? Are you kidding? Crystal Light, Rocky? (Raquey?) Now that's my diet soft drink. Crystal Light diet soft drink mix. 100% Nutrasweet. Mmmmm. Smooth and delicious. It's the one with the lighter taste. (Lyrics) I gotta be what I wanna be 'Cause I believe in me I've got to be what I want to be Cause she believes in Crystal Light Cause I believe in me

Written Text

Raquel Crystal Light

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Season:  1  / Episode:  14 
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This Television Episode refers to Crystal Light Commercial
Ava is trying to look up this old Crystal Light commercial with Raquel Welch online.

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