"Hottest Month Ever" / "Snow Dunk" 
This commercial shows a bunch of guys on a city basketball court in the winter building a snowman. They use rocks for his nose and Gatorade bottle caps for his eyes. When they are done, they have actually shoveled all the snow on the pavement, so they can now actually play. They built the snowman right under the basketball hoop, so they jump over him like he's a defensive player to dunk. Soon there are people showing up to watch, and one of the guys decides this snowman is too easy and he busts his head off. They then build a much bigger snowman and a guy still slam dunks on it.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ball players, runners, and everyone in between - it's gonna be epic. February at FootLocker. Hottest Month Ever. 
I once had a light bulb and a light in me 
Can you get? 
I want to know 
I want to know if you can get me there

Written Text

What's not to love about February 
Scores under pressure, Adidas 
February at Foot Locker - Hottest Month Ever #HottestMonthEver 
FootLocker, Foot Locker

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