This Big Game commercial for the real estate company, Century 21 features three celebrities working with an agent: * Billionaire and TV personality, Donald Trump * Retired NFL football star and sports analyst, Deion Sanders * Olympic speed skater, Apolo Anton Ohno Donald Trump is seen trying to negotiate a deal with the red headed agent. He makes a final offer, but learns later that she would have taken a lower offer. Deion Sanders makes cookies with his face on them for an open house, but the agent brings a ribbon dancer, a miniature unicorn, and a DJ. Finally, we see Apolo Ohno speedskating in an ice rink. The agent races up next to him and then easily passes him as she says that he got an offer on his house. Can you believe they paid $3.5 million to run this 30-second Super Bowl ad (not to mention the price of the actors and other production costs)? Sure, they got a lot of eyeballs to watch it during the game, but real estate and home buying/selling isn't exactly the type of ad you would expect to be effective during a sporting event. It wasn't very creative or funny, and it gave a negative image of the company. The Donald Trump scene seemed to say that Century 21 agents will take advantage of you and then brag about it right to your face. The Deion Sanders scene implies that they will try to one-up your efforts while talking down to you. The Apolo Ohno scene is relatively positive, but certainly doesn't make up for anything. Oh well... What would you do with $3,500,000?

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Announcer: Why choose a Century 21 agent? Because they're smarter than smart. Donald Trump: Five is my final offer. Agent: Deal. We would have taken four. Donald Trump: Then I want a do-over. Announcer: They're bolder than bold. Deion Sanders: I brought cookies for my open house. Agent: Nice Deion . I brought this. Deion Sanders: Is that a unicorn? Announcer: And they're faster than fast. Agent: Hey Apolo. They accepted your offer. Let's talk when you're done. Apolo Ohno: Hey, wait up! Centry 21 agents - Faster, bolder, stronger.

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Why choose a Century 21 agent? Century 21 - Find your agent at c21.com Faster. Bolder. Stronger. Century 21, Century21, Century TwentyOne, Century Twenty-One, Century Twenty One Dion Sanders, Deon Sanders

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