This 2012 Super Bowl ad for Downy is a parody of the 1979 Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial. Instead of a little boy, we have comedian Amy Sedaris. She stops NFL Hall of Famer and former Pittsburgh Steeler "Mean Joe" Greene as he is limping of the field after a rough game. Instead of offering him a bottle of Coke like in the 70's commercial, she offers him the new Downy Unstoppables to make his laundry smell fresh. He takes it and breathes the fresh smell in and Sedaris thinks their interaction is over and starts walking away. Mean Joe tells her to wait, and then throws his game day jersey to her. She thinks it smells bad and throws it back.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Amy Sedaris: Mr. Greene? Mister Greene? Mean Joe Greene: Yeah! Amy Sedaris: Want my Downy Unstoppables? Your laundry smells good for a long time. Mean Joe Greene: Mm mm (no) Amy Sedaris: Really, you can have it. Take it Joe. See you around. Mean Joe Greene: Hey kid - catch. Amy Sedaris: Wow. No thanks Mean Joe. Mean Joe Greene: Last time I'm going this. (Lyrics) Downy Unstoppable

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Coca-Cola Commercial

This Television Commercial is parodied by Downy Unstoppables Commercial
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