The Catch - Patriot's Version

NOTE: Coca-Cola created two very similar commercials, only one of which would be played in the second quarter depending on who was ahead at the time. This is the one that would be played if the Giants were behind. There is basically no difference other than the color of the bear's scarf.

This Super Bowl commercial shows two of the Coca-Cola polar bears watching the Big Game inside their ice cave. The one in the red scarf (Giants fan) is very anxious about how the game is going and has to get up during a break to get some air. There is another group of polar bears outside all enjoying bottle of Coke. One of them tosses a bottle to the bear. He scrambles to catch it, but starts to slip on the ice. Several of the other bears in the group get up to help him, but they all start slipping too. Even though they are all trying to help, it ends up looking like a football play with the bear trying to catch the bottle as the one with the football and all the others as part of the defense. At the end, the bear finally catches the bottle and reaches the "end zone" with everyone else laying on the "field".

The bear with the blue scarf who stayed inside (Patriots fan) gives him a slow clap.

Written Text

The polar bears are watching the game, live

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