"Green Hell" This commercial begins on a vehicle test track in Nurvurgring, Germany referred to as the "Green Hell". We see a Cadillac ATS with an unusual black and white paint job (used to hide the shape of an unreleased car from the public and from competitors before it is released) racing around this track. The point is that Cadillac went to BMW's home turf to beat the BMW 3-series on their home track.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They call it the "Green Hell", a brutal stretch of asphalt in the German countryside designed to push the limits of car and driver. It's where we developed the all-new Cadillac ATS. Built from the ground up to take on the BMW 3 series. So if anyone tells you that Cadillac can't beat the world's best, just tell them to go to Green Hell and see for themselves.

Written Text

Nurvurgring, Germany Wir Sind Opel All-new Cadillac ATS Summer 2012 The new standard of the world

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