Budweiser Commercial

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The commercial begins with a bottle opener, resting on an empty, dusty bar that is closed because of Prohibition. A farmer is on his tractor, plowing his field. American men are standing around a bar, that is closed because of Prohibition. A woman rides on a bus, looking sad and forlorn - because of Prohibition. A woman sits at a desk, typing in an office. Women are working in a factory, sewing. A man comes running through the town, shouting the good news that it's over! Prohibition is over! Bundles of newspapers are stacked with the headline reading "Prohibition Ends At Last". The Clydesdale horses are shown racing down a street. The town is coming to life with the news of the end of Prohibition. Men in barber shops jump out of their chairs, shaving cream on their faces, running out into the street, headed to the bar with excitement. Thompson's Bar opens, the dusty bottle opener is picked up, dust blown off. The town gathers at the bar, waiting as the Clydesdale horses come through town, pulling the Budweiser wagon. As the wagon races to town, a red airplane flies overhead, the pilot waving down at the Budweiser wagon making it's way to the center of town. A group of men gather in front of a bar to have their photo taken, marking the end of Prohibition. The Budweiser wagon makes its way through the streets, the Dalmation perched on top of the wagon. The entire town has stopped everything to gather at the bar, cheering and applauding as they help to unload the crates of Budweiser to restock the bar. As the first bottle of Budweiser is opened, the bartender hands the bottle to a man with his barber shop cape still around his neck, half his face still covered in shaving cream. The bottles are raised in a toast. The Clydesdale horses outside, still attached to the now empty wagon, stand on their back legs, letting out a triumphant whinny.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's over! Prohibition is over! It's Over!

Written Text

Prohibition Denied Americans Budweiser For 13 Years Based on a True Story Prohibition Ends At Last Clyde's Barber Shop Thompson's Bar Big-State Steel Corp. Bar Open Budweiser Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, MO Delivering Great Times Since 1876.

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