"50 States" 
This commercial features two girls traveling around the country in their Honda CR-V checking items off their "Leap List" (aka, Bucket List). One of their goals is to visit all 50 states. Here is their progress in photos: 
* girl taking a picture of herself Georgia shirt 
* standing in front of a South Dakota sign 
* a New Mexico T-shirt with a roadrunner on it 
* a West Virginia shirt with a cardinal and flowers on it 
* a Maryland shirt while at a restaurant eating a crab 
* a Boston, MA shirt while drinking some coffee/tea 
* sitting in a giant rocking chair near Little Rock, AR 
* a Lake Tahoe shirt while chasing after the car 
* doing cartwheels in Minnesota 
* in a skirt and OWA T-shirt in a corn field 
* jumping in front of a rock in Arizona 
* in front of a foggy Golden Gate Bridge 
* at a lighthouse in Rhode Island 
* on a rollercoaster in Ohio 
* at the Statue of Liberty in New York City 
* at the beach in Florida 
* on a dirt road in Kansas 
* at the Indiana State line 
* at a lake in Washington 
* holding a red fish in Alabama 
* laying in the snow in Colorado 
* giving the okay symbol with her fingers in Oklahoma 
* wearing a beaver shirt in Oregon 
* wearing funny hats and holding coffee cups in North Dakota 
* kicking heels in cowboy boots in Texas 
* in the woods in Alaska 
* standing in front of a buffalo crossing sign in Montana

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Start your leap list, then hit the road in the new four wheel drive SUV with 30 miles per gallon highway. The CR-V - all new from Honda. 
Live it up 
Live it up 
Live it up 

Written Text

Rhode Island - Small but proud 
South Dakota - Great Faces. Great Places 
New Mexico 
West Virginia 
Maryland girl 
Boston Mass 
Little Rock (Arkansas) 
Lake Tahoe 
San Francisco 
Rhode Island 
Cleveland Ohio 
New York 
is still in Kansas 
Indiana State Line 
Seattle, Washington 
Gulf Shore Alabama 
Aspen, Colorado 
Fargo, ND 
Made in Texas 
Montana - The big sky state, Please stay on road, buffalo X-ing 
Visit all 50 states 
All-New CR-V

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