The commercial begins with a man wearing a red San Francisco 49ers jersey, sitting in a tub filled with gold coins. He scoops up the gold with his hands, tossing it in the air, living like a millionaire. Next is a man in a swimming pool, an obvious Miami Dolphins fan. His lavish outdoor pool is decorated with the orange and blue colors of the Dolphins, with a dolphin ice sculpture at the side of the pool. He is floating in the pool, sitting in a raft with dolphins as the armrests. A NY Jets fan emerges from his private Jet, painted with "Jets", wearing fur coat, putting on his sunglasses as he steps out of the plane. The flight attendants are Jets cheerleaders, walking down the jetway with him - as he flies like a millionaire.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I think I might give away a million bucks. I think I might give away a brand new truck. 'Cause I feel good, yeah I feel good, 'cause I feel good. You could win a million bucks playing the new fantasy game from the NFL. For more, text NFL to 69635.

Written Text

Live Like A Millionaire Party Like A Millionaire You Could Win $1,000,000 Fly Like A Millionaire Text NFL to 69635

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