"Eternal Optimism" 
This commercial begins in the past right at the end of prohibition, and people are crowding into bars to celebrate. Next we can see that the war (likely WWII) is over and people, including several sailors from the Navy celebrate in the streets. Next, people are hanging out at a burger joint in the 50's, and then the place transforms into a bar in the late 60's (during the lunar landing). We then go to a disco bar in the 70's, followed by the "Miracle on Ice" (US upsets Russia in hockey at the 1980's Olympics), shortly followed by the boom box and breakdancing crazy of the mid 80's. At the end, we jump to a more recent time where a party is going on in the streets. The point of the commercial, is that there is always something to celebrate, good times are always ahead, and Budweiser will always be there to help with the celebration.

Written Text

Prohibition is Over 
Good Old Days are back 
We want beer 
Farewell 18th Amendment 
Western Dispatch - War Ends - Greatest Conflict in History Officially Over 
Royal Diner - The Best Burgers in the District Since 1938 
Great times are always waiting 
Grab some Buds.

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