"Rescue Dog - Weego" This commercial begins with a man petting his new scruffy dog that he rescued and has named "Weego". His friends come over and meet this dog who happens to have a unique talent. The dog owner tells the friends to call him, and when they do, he runs to the refrigerator, gets a Bud Light, and brings it back. The other friend tries it and gets the same result. Some of the other people at the party notice this, so when a group of pretty girls show up, a guy yells out "Here Weego" and the dog pulls over a six pack. Off to the side, a couple is about to make out for the first time, and the girl says, "Here we go" and the dog thinks she was calling him so he brings a beer to her. Everyone at the party continues to call him so he's pushing coolers and getting into the fridge constantly. Finally, a large group of people show up and one of the guys is excited about being there, so he says, "Here we go" and the dog rolls up a keg.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Thanks buddy. What? You got a dog? Yeah, a rescue dog. His name is Weego. Weego? What kind of name is that? Call him. Here Weego! No. Yup. Here Weego! Here we go. It's the sure sign of a good time. The just right taste of Bud Light. Here we go. (Lyrics) Knick knack paddiwack give a dog a bone Knick Knack paddy wack give a dog a bone

Written Text

Bud Light Help Rescue Dogs Weego, We Go, Wego, Weago, We-go

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