This commercial which was played just before the half-time show of Super Bowl XLVI (46 / 2012) is narrated by the gravely voice of Clint Eastwood. He talks about how America has gotten through tough times in the past, and how we can, and will, get through this one. It's the second half, and it's time to get to work.

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It's half-time. Both teams are in their locker room discussing what they can do to win this game in the second half. It's half-time in America too. People are out of work, and they're hurting, and they're all wondering what they're gonna do to make a comeback, and we're all scared because this isn't a game. The people of Detroit know a little something about this. They almost lost everything, but we all pulled together. Now Motor City is fighting again. I've seen a lot of tough ???, a lot of downturns in my life, and time when we didn't understand each other. It seems that we've lost our heart at times. The fog, division, discord, and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead, but after those trials, we all rallied around what was right, and acted as one. 'Cause that's what we do. We find a way through tough times and if we can't find a way then we'll make one. All that matters now is what's ahead. How do we come from behind? How do we come together, and how do we win? Detroit's showing us that it can be done, and what's true about them is true about all of us. This country can't be knocked out with one punch. We get right back up again, and when we do, the world's gonna hear the roar of our engines. Yeah, it's half-time America, and our second half's about to begin.

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City of Detroit, Michigan Speramus Meliora (We hope for better things) Resurget Cineribus (It will rise from the ashes) Sendt Sounds Off! Say No we don't need another Imported from Detroit Ram, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler

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