This commercial for Amazon's Kindle and Kindle fire is set in a tropical ocean side beach resort, as a dark haired woman in a black bikini sits on a lounge chair, reading 'Home By Morning' on her Kindle. A man wearing a red polo shirt and khaki shorts walks past her, trying to shield his iPad from the sunlight with his hand, when he sees that the woman is reading on a Kindle, in the sunlight. He stops to ask her about the Kindle, and she tells him it's the best way to read. The man is impressed, but tells the woman that the Kindle won't do the same things as his iPad, like being able to watch movies or use the internet. The woman tells him that she has a Kindle Fire for those things. The man walks away with his iPad, feeling frustrated with his choice of device.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, excuse me. That's the new Kindle, isn't it? 79 dollars. 
Best way to read, even in sunlight. 
Yeah, but I mean if you wanna watch movies, or search the web... 
I've got a Kindle Fire for that. 
Three Kindles. That's gotta be expensive. 
Not really. Together they're still less than that. 
Someone sitting here? 
My husband. 

Written Text

kindle fire $199 
kindle $79 
The Help 
Home By Morning 
Marie Claire 
Nothing But the Beat David Guetta

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Books are referenced by this Television Commercial?

It refers to...
Home By Morning written by Alexis Harrington

Home By Morning
written by

This Book is referred to by Amazon Kindle Fire Commercial
The woman in the black bikini is reading this ebook, Home By Morning, on her Kindle.

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