This commercial for Rock & Republic, sold in Kohl's stores, begins with a couple in New York City's Time's Square. The woman with long, dark hair is wearing a white jacket with a black lace top and embellished jeans is holding hands with a man, wearing a fedora, and dark jacket. The man waits on the sidewalk as a cab pulls up to the curb, the beautiful woman emerging, embracing her boyfriend under a brightly lit awning. The couple then walks down the sidewalk, hand in hand. The commercial ends with a the woman giving a seductive look at the camera. 
Michelle Vawer

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Rock the look. Rock & Republic. Only at Kohl's. 
(Lyrics) Was it more than attraction and a physical lust? 
Her loins, my imagination, that first inconceivable touch, 
That I was planning, er, I mean wishing, uh.. 
How embarassed I’d been if you knew what I was thinking of.  
I knew you knew I liked you, 
I knew you knew it.

Written Text

Rock The Look 
Rock & Republic 
Denim Apparel Shoes 
Only At Kohl's

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