This commercial features a montage of cute dogs and puppies in a variety of activities. Some of these include 
* a sleepy Boston Terrier sitting on a couch 
* a husky puppy with his feet in a water dish 
* a puppy playing with a big red tennis ball 
* a Bulldog laying upside-down in his bed 
* a Yorkie at the beach 
* a dog playing in the snow 
* a Border Collie running through a field 
* a dog doing a long jump into a pool 
* a dog jumping to catch a Frisbee 
* a dog jumping over a fence 
* another playing in the back yard 
* a surfing Bull Dog 
* a black dog with a "wheelchair" 
* a rescue dog jumping out of a helicopter into the water 
* another German Shepherd rescue dog looking through the rubble of a building 
* a third rescue dog digging in the snow 
* a companion dog being pet by an old woman 
* a seeing eye dog 
* a show dog getting a high five from its owner 
* a dog welcoming a veteran home

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

To a point, I was good 
Tried to do stuff that I should 
Tried to do what you said 
Tried to sleep in my own bed 
But my bones wouldn't rest 'til I put me to my test 
I remembered what you said: 
I could be great, so so great 
(Let it right out. Let it right out.) 
I could be great, so so great 
(Let it right out. Let it right out.) 
I could be great

Written Text

Inside every good dog is a great dog. 
Purina Pro Plan brand dog food

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