This commercial features Jennifer Lopez in a dirty old apartment filled with old things, dust, and cobwebs. She puts a new Harmon Kardon sound system on a shelf under an old TV. J-Lo turns it on and a dubstep-like song starts playing. The beats from the music start the room thumping and everything starts shaking and cracking from the floors to the ceiling. After the dust settles, what's left is a beautiful clean apartment with new furniture, carpeting, paint, and a new TV.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You can compliment a beautiful space, or simply create one. Harman Kardon.

Written Text

Power On - Harman Kardon 
Beautiful Sound - Harman / Kardon 
Harman/Kardon by Harman 
JLo, J-Lo J Lo, Jennifer Lopez

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